Helping others accrue, preserve and transfer wealth across generations for 22 years and countingYears

Our Philosophy

Actionary, Not Reactionary

We don’t believe in market timing, instead we believe in optimized strategic allocations, developed and refined over decades. Rather than creating a reactionary plan, our strategies are exhaustive and thoughtful. In our experience, the consistency of a steadfast approach lends to a higher probability of investment success.

Our Mission

Removing the Financial Burden From Our Clients’ Shoulders

We strive to build an individualized investment strategy that our clients can feel confident about. By using a defined process and listening to our clients’ needs, we provide objective, goal oriented advice that our clients can truly count on. Our team provides peace of mind for our clients’, so they can get back to doing the things they love.

Client Centered

Process Driven


Our Principles

After establishing our client's
custom strategy, our financial
professionals will take it from
there. This allows our clients
to get back to the things that
make life worth living, leaving
all financial concerns with us.

Instead of making subjective
decisions while trying to time
the market, we remain objective
in our investment practices, using
the same trusted and proven
processes for over two decades.

We create custom portfolios for our
clients based on their financial goals,
needs, and risk tolerances. Rather than
selecting which framework benefits
our financial practice most, our energy
is solely focused on our clients'
financial success.

Our History

After successful careers at other investment firms, we formed the Sewalson Milazzo Financial Consulting Group to offer a distinctive blend of professional financial consulting and wealth management services.

With more than 60 years of combined experience in the financial services industry, the Sewalson Milazzo Financial Consulting Group brings together a wide range of product knowledge to help you prosper in today's investment environment.